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Featuring fires from Northern and Southern California including the “Willow Incident” at Lake Arrowhead where several structures were lost when strong winds suddenly drove the fire into residential areas. Other fires include the complexes in the Ventana Wilderness in Big Sur featuring air tanker operations, fires in Los Angeles County with first due action and shots of the Super Scoopers in action. Lots of air tanker, Super Scooper, and helicopter shots throughout the entire video!  Also includes a segment devoted to the Paso Robles Air Attack Base during the fires in Big Sur with several of the older tankers that are not flying now due to federal restraints.  (109 Minutes) *

Firestorm '99-5 Firestorm '99 7-5 Firestorm '99-3 Firestorm '99 7-3 Firestorm '99-6

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