Narration and Instruction By
J.P. Harris – LACoFD Retired & Tony Duprey – USFS Retired

This fast paced wildland training video is designed to keep YOU SAFE during wildland fire operations. It features dynamic fire scenes in brush and timber combined with expert narrartive training to deliver the necessary information that everyone operating at wildland incidents needs to know to perform their jobs safely. This Interface Training Series is ideal for annual refresher courses and is intended for all agencies, Federal, State, Local, Volunteer, Contract, and Support personnel. Information gained from this training series may save YOUR LIFE.
Total time: Four hours divided into a three DVD volume set.
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Price: $79.95 for the three volume set.
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rimfire03 Firestorm 2006 Vol. 1-5 California Firestorm '93 6 Interface Fire Fighting-5 Interface Fire Fighting-4 Interface Fire Fighting-16 Interface Fire Fighting-17 Interface Fire Fighting-10 Interface Fire Fighting-15 Interface Fire Fighting-8 Interface Fire Fighting-6 Interface Fire Fighting-9 Interface Fire Fighting-2 Interface Fire Fighting-14 Interface Fire Fighting-7      

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